Missionaries Supported by faith and prayer

           "...Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."
                                                                                                              -Mark 16:15



1.  David Azzarello--U.S. Church Planter

2.  Bearing Precious Seed El Paso

3.  Dan Bennett to Brazil

4.  Caleb Benson to Cameroon

5.  Jonathan Burgett to Japan

6.  Edward Buss to the U.S. Military in Italy

7.  Christian Law Association

8.  Brian Collins to Zambia, Africa

9.  Thomas Corbello to Spain

10.  Rick Demastus to Scotland

11.  Evangelist Dee Easter

12.  Adam Fridenstine to El Salvador

13.  Mark Gerosin to Colombia

14.  Good Shepherd Baptist Missions

15.  Richard Guay to Thailand

16.  Brian Hebert to Toronto, Canada

17.  Paul Hostetler to Madagascar

18.  Simeon Hudson to Argentina

19.  Christopher Hurst to the Philippians

20.  I Am Ministries

21.  Jeremy Ingalls with Baptist Couriers for Christ

22.  Brandyn Knight to the U.S. Military in Japan

23.  Robbie Leonard to Fiji

24.  Phil Lien to Indonesia

25.  Carmelo Martinez to Brazil

26.  Fisa Mihy-mihyndu to Gabon

27.  Mt. Calvary Children's Homes in Mexico

28.  Tayler Norris to Mozambique

29.  Jonathan Owens to Bulgaria

30.  Samuel Owens to the Republic of Georgia

31.  Gene Pettit to Mexico

32.  John Pinnix with Remote Alaska Missions

33.  Mike Reap to the Philippines 

34.  Tim Simmons to Uruguay

35.  Ben Smith to South Sudan

36.  David Speights to Thailand

37.  Jason Stanley to Spain

38.  Ryan Strother to the United Kingdom

39.  Garry Tingson to Australia 

40.  Victory Baptist Press

41.  Chris Walters to Japan

42.  Brian Weed to Nicaragua

43.  Kenn Winn with Bearing Precious Seed El Paso

44.  Adam Wirick to South Korea

45.  Adam Young to Russia


**Several names omitted due to security in the country of service












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