Missionaries;Supported by faith and prayer

           "...Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."
                                                                                                              -Mark 16:15

MISSIONS CONFERENCE SERMONS                                     

Missions Conference Spring 2012- "Seeking the Lost"

          The Bonner Family - Zambia, Africa

         The Guay Family - Thailand

          Gene Petitt - Mexico

       The Easter's-Good Shepherd Ministries

         The Wilps Family - Paraguay, South America

         The Corbello Family - Panama

          The Buss Family - Italy (US Military)

          The Weed Family - Nicaragua

          Israel - (name omitted for security reasons)

          Mike and Debbie Lane-Honduras
           The Speights Family - Thailand

Korean Peninsula - (Name omitted for security reasons)
        The Koonce's-Rock of Ages

Alaska Flag           The Pinnix Family-Remote Alaska

            The Young Family - Russia

           The Rhoton Family - Costa Rica

            The Hardy Family - Wales

             The McCarley Family - Deaf Camp

             CLA - Legal Ministries 

           Victory Baptist Press

            John Campbell-Carrying the mail for Christ (literature distribution)

El Salvador clipart         Adam Fridenstine--El Salvador


      Troy Lewis--Belize


         Eric Neilsen--British Columbia


     Mark Gerosin--Colombia


     Mt. Calvary Children's Home--Mexico


     John Gillispie--Papua New Guinea


     Christopher Hurst--Philippines


     Chad Pape--Dominican Republic


     Philip Lien--Indonesia


   Brent Riggs--Poland


  Mike Reap--Philippines


  Ryan Strother--England


  Caleb Benson--Cameroon


  Michael Goosman--Scotland


  Paul Hostetler--Madagascar


  Daniel Bennett--Brazil






  • Sep24

    Fall Revival Meeting

    Sunday - Wednesday, Sep 24 - 27, 2017

    Revival Meeting with Evangelist Steve Ostten Normal Sunday Schedule Weeknight meetings at 7:00 PM

  • Oct 1

    Kincaid Fellowship

    Sunday, Oct 1, 2017

    6:30 PM

    Join us as we say goodbye to the Kincaid's and thank them for their many years of service at Victory Baptist Church

  • Oct10

    Lydia Ladies Fellowship

    Tuesday, Oct 10, 2017

    10:00 AM

    Meeting in Schoellhorn Hall

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